Cat Mad Designs

2018 saw the launch of our registered trade mark Cat Mad Designs. Our collections have steadily started to build and include both licensed artists work, and our own in house designs. From magical, to classical, the deisgns are varied and each one has it's own story to tell. From Lorri Kajennas little pumpkin, a beautiful calico dressed to impress, to our own Obsidion, a cat in a fantasy setting. 


We take great pride in our products, everything is made by hand, Boxed and labelled, each piece is lovingly finished to ensure it is purrfect every time. From super soft velvet cushions, to shoulder bags & purses. There is something for any occasion

Bespoke Designs

Our designs have been created by us and are only available to buy from us, if it has not come direct from Cat Mad Gifts, it is not the real thing.